My year with ‘Miss Reveille Ma’am’: COADC support makes it possible

by Megan Haas, ’13

Koster kneels with Reveille at a football gameTexas A&M relies on their core values to carry out their daily mission of the university. For the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the scholarship program through the College of Agriculture Development Council (COADC) helps students carry out those values in their everyday life.

For one student, the COADC has not only aided him in being able to pay for college through scholarships funded by alumni donations, but also given him the opportunity to be connected with an Aggie icon and understand the importance of the leadership, service and alumni support.

For Daylon Koster, a sophomore Agricultural Leadership and Development major, there is one major difference between him and many of the other students is his role at Texas A&M, as he is a member of Company E-2 in the Corps of Cadets and had the privilege of being the keeper of the First Lady of Aggieland, Reveille.

Taking care of Reveille is first and foremost a job that portrays Koster’s leadership styles. With full responsibility of her schedule and day to day activities, Koster must show leadership with the other sophomores in his class as well as direct leadership with Reveille.

Reveille rests her head on Koster during the ride home from a game.

Reveille rests her head on Koster during the ride home from a game.

“With Reveille’s full day of responsibilities and not able to be left alone, it’s up to me to delegate to the other sophomores in my company to get her to events when I have other responsibilities such as class,” Koster said. “I also must have direct leadership with Reveille to show her the trust and bond between us, especially in stressful environments, to let her know when she is with me she is safe.”

For Koster, the scholarship he receives has helped him focus more on his duties of being a college student and taking care of Reveille and less on worrying about how to make money to pay for school. Koster says a scholarship of any size helps for students to receive the “other education” that Texas A&M offers, membership in student and university organizations .

“Scholarships, whether big or small, help out with anything at Texas A&M University,” Koster said. “One thing I really value is being able to have that other education and receiving scholarships from the College of Agriculture helps me defer those cost of books and tuition while allowing me to be in organizations and donate my time to service without needing to worry about getting a job.”

While service is a major part of any student organization and can be difficult for some students to achieve with their busy schedules, Koster has no problem as being with Reveille helps him keep service in his everyday life.

Reveille and Koster on Kyle Field“One aspect of service with Reveille, and she makes it pretty easy, is she always brightens someone’s day,” Koster said. “She is a walking service model because people have tests and they are stressed about classes and she is kind of a sense of therapy for people. Having the privilege and honor of taking care of her also encourages me to help others besides being with Reveille.”

Koster knows the alumni who are part of the COADC are some of the best at Texas A&M and he can only hope to help out in some way in the future like he has been helped now.

“Alumni support through the scholarship program is motivation to one day be that alumni and give back to the students,” Koster said. “To see alumni that are still really involved and willing to give back so that students can be as successful as them one day shows that they are one of the best alumni groups at Texas A&M.”