Peace Corps Master’s International Program

Peace Corps LogoGoing to graduate school and pursuing service opportunities isn’t an either/or proposition. In the Peace Corps Master’s International (MI) program at Texas A&M University, you can combine Peace Corps service with a master’s degree. 

Studying abroad with the MI program can be a life-changing experience, both personally and intellectually. You’ll gain academic enrichment, improved foreign language skills, a better understanding of other cultures, and more marketable skills for your future job search.

How It Works

Student with Mongol familyIn the MI program, you’ll work with your faculty advisor and committee, as well as the MI program coordinator, to plan a degree program that fulfills your career objectives and degree requirements while preparing for your Peace Corps service. Once you complete 24 credit hours at Texas A&M, you will be off to another country, fulfilling your 27-month commitment to the Peace Corps.

This is a great opportunity to receive on average 3 to 6 credit hours as research hours, internship hours, directed studies courses, or a combination of these, depending on your academic department and degree requirements—plus you’ll have the research and independent study you complete in concert with the experiential learning of your Peace Corps service.

How to Get Started

woman talking to farmer in South americaTo become a part of the Peace Corps Master’s International program at Texas A&M University, complete the following steps:

  1. Apply and be accepted into a graduate program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  2. Apply and be approved for participation in Texas A&M’s Peace Corps Master’s International program.
  3. Apply to the Peace Corps.

Include the following materials with your application:

  • A copy of your graduate school application
  • Your resume
  • Three letters of reference, one from an individual who has known you for at least three years and can attest to your adaptability

Explore the Experience

You can learn more about the Peace Corps experience and the PCMI experience by checkiing out the essays and blogs listed below.

  • The Essence of Discovery is short piece by Matt Stellbauer, our first PCMI student, on why he went into the Peace Corps and some of the things he learned.
  • Frances Goes to the Philippines is a blog posted by a current Peace Corps Master’s International student in the field.

Other Services and Opportunities

When you complete your service and prepare to graduate and move into your professional career you will have access to the Texas A&M Career Center as well as the RPCV Virtual Career Center which has resources geared specifically to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, including explanation of noncompetitive eligilitity, a list of webinars and events to assist current and returned volunteers, and more.

In addition, faculty of students who have turned in exceptional theses or capstone projects can submit the thesis or project, along with an abstract, to for inclusion in the Peace Corps’ Anthology of Master’s International Degree Projects.  Submissions for the current year should be received by July 7.  Those received later will be included in the next year’s anthology.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact:
Cathryn Clement
Coordinator for International Academic Programs
Phone: 979-458-0820

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