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Haley Crocombe

Crocombe, Haley
Haley Crocombe
Study Abroad Mentor

Howdy! My name is Haley Crocombe, I am a junior majoring in Agribusiness with a minor in Economics. I have always had a passion for cultures and traveling and in the summer of 2016, I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Angers, France while living with a host family. The program was centered on the study of Agriculture, where we would learn the French way of life and learn about the culture of food production and consumption in France.

At the beginning of the program we spent about three days in Paris before taking a train to Angers to meet our families. I think living with a host family was my favorite aspect about this program. I was lucky enough to have been placed with a family who spoke zero English while I spoke zero French. The first few dinners were very awkward and consisted of many hand gestures and French dictionaries at the table, but also made the experience so much worthwhile. This was the best possible way of me to completely immerse myself into this new culture. Sometimes I would have to stop myself and take in the fact that I was really living in France. My family was so hospitable and generous and really made me feel like it was my home. I will now forever have a family in France.

We would attend classes three days a week, then we would have a two day trip at the end of the week to other towns such as Blois, Saint-Malo, Normandy and many other places, while most of the weekends we had free. As part of the program, we visited many different companies and farms where we learned so much about French Agriculture and its many aspects. This program completely changed my life. Studying abroad is something every student should experience; it completely opens your mind and allows you to experience a different culture and lifestyle. I have gained so much from this program, such as the things I learned, the places I went and the people I met.